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Why Choose Us?

Our goldens are beautiful and from Champion Bloodlines. We generally have light golden, golden and dark golden puppies.
Owning a kennel for 30 years, we have planned our quality breeding program around the best in health soundness, breed standard, temperament, intelligence, coat quality, and physical confirmation. We have excellent facilities and have been Breeder Of The Year certified by the MPBA, Missouri Pet Breeders Association. Being members of the PPA, Professional Pet Association, members of N.A.P.O., National Association of Pet Owners, we have an approved kennel, inspected by USDA and MO Dept. of Agriculture. We maintain a sterile environment in our nursery. For the safety of the newborns we cannot allow visitors in that area, as we are sure you can understand. To get to know the puppies, we have a showing area where we bring them out for prospective adopters. Working hard and putting a lot of money into our facilities makes us proud to be the Petagree Ranch team, here to serve our clients.

Our dedication to Golden Retrievers and the exceptional quality of our bloodlines has earned us our recognition and reputation we are so proud to have today. We are able to place wonderful quality puppies into homes at a price everyone can enjoy. All health records and registration papers will accompany your adopted puppy when they are picked up. Their vaccinations and worming will be up to date. We also provide a Quality Health Guarantee.

We are much more nutritionally oriented today than ever before in light of dog food problems, new diseases and strains of bacteria and parasites, pollutants in the air, and even our water which are contributing factors to the declension and strain on the immune systems of pets. We maintain a continuing education program in order to meet the health needs of our pets. We find that with proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise, Golden Retrievers can live a far better than average healthy lifespan.

Thank you again for your inquiry. Feel free to make an appointment to view our puppies. If we can be of further assistance,
       feel free to call or write.  
573-492-6530 OR 573-220-5312(CELL)
Sincerely, Rose Dunn, CEO

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