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Satisfied Adopters

“I have one of your Retriever pups—her name is Chelsea…As you can see from her photos, she’s a beautiful girl. We love her so much. She is spoiled of course! Chelsea is lovable and a real flirt –loves men! Very protective of her family—not easily intimidated…”

Sue C.

“I just wanted to tell you how much our family is enjoying Abby. She has done so well adjusting to our home and a new routine. She is a loving companion for the kids and they are showing responsibility for her care. As a first time dog owner, I’m leaning how smart and receptive puppies are to please. Our cats have pretty much avoided Abbey so far. She looks at them as large play toys! Thank you again for raising Abbey—I had a good feeling about you and a good felling about Abbey too. It certainly seems as if the match was meant to be! We’ll send pictures later!”

Lisa W.

“Kaylee and I thought you might be interested in how we are doing so far. Keylee is thriving and weighs approx 50lbs. We moved to a bigger apt which is more pet friendly. Kaylee has many canine friends and popular with the neighbors as well. I believe she has a”boyfriend”—a yellow lab named Jackson. They are cute playing together as Jackson’s coat is remarkably similar to Kaylee’s. “

Susan & Kaylee

“Sunnie was an adorable puppy and has now grown into a beautiful dog. We think she is gorgeous! She has definitely become a member of our family and is something different to each one of us. She loves rough housing with our son, Nick. One of her favorite things is to be in the yard with Nick and his friends when they are playing sports. She tries her best to steal whatever ball they are using and turns it into a game of chasing her. She loves romping an running with the kids. She is also a companion to our daughter Stephanie, and will lay or sit by her and just let Steph pet and play with her. She enjoys walks and is always eager to ride in the car. We certainly enjoy Sunnie and thank you for taking so much care in breeding your dogs. “

Paul, Kathy, Stephanie, and Nick G.

“In October of last year I purchased a puppy from P.J.s Pet Centre in Sugle, MA 01906. I understand that he is one of your dogs, sired by McMillens Cream Charlie and Leah XIII. He is a light golden male. He is the most wonderful animal I’ve ever owned. Not only does he look like the perfect specimen of his breed, his temperament and intelligence are just superb. I wanted to write to you to let you know how pleased my entire family is with our “Ace.” He was housebroken within the first week, and is the most eager-to-please animal I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had a Golden before—maybe that is why I’m so elated. We were a little hesitant to purchase a dog from a pet store—but we are happy that our fears were unrealized. You must take great pride in your dogs. We have looked at other dogs in pet stores and felt they did not look healthy. Ace obviously came from a great kennel. Thanks Again,”

Marian D.

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